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Benefits of an Online Enrollment System

Jan 14. 2022
Benefits of an Online Enrollment System
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Gone are the days when parents had to wait in line for enrolling their child in a school. Today, schools provide an online enrollment system for ease of use, convenienceand an automated process for the school community. 

Benefits of An Online Enrollment System 

    • Convenient and EffectiveUnlike paper forms, online registration is easy, quick, and convenient. Parents now access student registration from home or remote devices.  MarkersPro's online enrollment system is easy to navigate and provides real-time data and follow-up. The administration will be notified should critical information be missingand the enrollment process is not complete. 
    • Centralized data managementThe Cloud provides schools the opportunity to store sensitive data in a secure and reliable system.  Once Administration has accepted the student, the data is automatically uploaded into the SIS.  No further data entry is required. 
    • Effective Communication: The enrollment system automatically notifies parents and staff about the progress of the enrollment process via email or message making communication transparent and effective. 
    • Online Registration:  Parents can update any changes in student information without going through the entire registration process each school year 
    • Efficient: Entering and sorting each enrollment form can be time-consumingimplementing an online enrollment systembecomes an automated process that allows parents, staff, and administration to save time 

An online enrollment system is convenient, effective, and easy for today’s busy parents.  In addition, the MarkersPro enrollment system enhances efficiencies, maximizes student enrollment, and improves the marketing capabilities of the school. The entire enrollment process for parents, from contacting the school to being a part of the school community, becomes seamless with a centralized, online system in place.  


Experience A Comprehensive Application and Enrollment Process with MarkersPro! 


👍Seamless Applicant Processing (Existing, New Student, or Siblings): Our Student Application and Enrollment module accelerates the application process without duplication of data entry. MarkersPro Student Admissions gives you the most progressive solution for meeting each school’s enrollment goals. Data, analytics, and innovation are provided to support and accomplish a seamless experience for parents and administrators. 

👍Customized Dynamic Application Form: Dynamic Forms provides for school-specific data, permissions, additional information to be included, and to bring hard copy forms online. The system allows for tailored conditional questions that prompt additional options for more detailed information. 

👍Generate API Integration into MarkersPro SIS: MarkersPro Student Admissions integrates quickly and effortlessly with MarkersPro SIS. Once an application has been accepted by the administration, one or many students can be uploaded into the SIS. This is a time saver and diminishes data entry issues. 

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