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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where do I get help if I need it?

MarkersPro has a dedicated Help Centre for all its users where you can access all the user guide and training videos or tutorials with a comprehensive information regarding each module available in the system.

Q Do you offer training and support?

Yes. MarkersPro provides training and support on the dedicated Help Centre to its users with the Video Tutorials, User Guide, and many more.

Q Do I need to install any software?

No. MarkersPro is a Student Information System as SaaS which reduces the burden of installing, integrating, and managing complex enterprise software.

Q What happens to the information when the scholastic year is rolled over?

All the data associated with parameters like students, marking periods, course section, and calendar from the current year will be assigned to next academic year.

Q Is student information kept over the years?


Q Can teachers view confidential information?

Teachers have access to all the information related to student enrolled in the system expect the confidential details like Credit Card Details, Bank Details etc.

Q What browsers do you support?

It supports all the browsers with HTML 5.

Q I am a parent; can I get SIS?

MarkersPro is a cloud-based School Information System and is provided to Schools as a SaaS, so for parents to have access to SIS their children should be enrolled in a school with MarkersPro as SIS.

Q How do I get started?

You can visit to MarkersPro Help centre and go through the Getting Started Module to get started.

Q How does a SIS work?

MarkersPro can record biographical data for students and staffs, handling admissions, discharges, and transfers to other schools. It can also record student-specific data, such as registering students into courses, scoring or grading Exams or Assessments, generating Transcripts and Report Cards, building student schedules, and tracking student attendance & immunization records.

Q What should I consider before upgrading or replacing a Student Information System?

For any School Information System it should qualify criteria like demand responsive and self-sustainable, Student Database, Admission Management, Smart Attendance System, Faculty Management, Finance Management, Exam Management and Transportation Management to be considered as efficient.

Q How can I access my data?

MarkersPro allows administrators to create user profiles in the system like Admin, Staff, Teacher, Student, Parent etc. and user with any one of these profiles can access their data on the system.

Q Can a SIS also take care of the required regulatory reporting even when the requirements change?

Yes. MarkersPro is a powerful, easy access to customizable reports, state specific reports and many more using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven insights.

Q Is this system secure and functional on all browsers and electronic

Yes. MarkersPro is SOC2 Certified and compliant with FERPA and HIPAA.

Q What type of plans should a company have in place for backing up data, and how will I be supported during a system failure or natural disaster?

MarkersPro is Cloud Based School Information System and provides continuous data backing even during a system failure or natural disaster.

Q What technology is SIS built on, and will it be updated regularly?

It is built on Cloud Platforms and will be regularly updated.

Q What if I need the software to do something unique? Are custom programming services available?

Yes. MarkersPro is highly intuitive, quickly customizable can satisfy all your unique requirements.

Q Are there any customization programs available for special education needs?

Yes. MarkersPro is highly intuitive, quickly customizable can satisfy all your unique requirements.

Q Now that I have chosen MarkersPro, what’s next?

You can visit to MarkersPro Help centre and go through the Getting Started Module to get started.

Q What makes the school information system better?

Markerspro can get real-time updates, track student’s data, access to student information, make payments, and communicate with school authorities.

Q Will the school information system help students achieve greater success in online school?


Q How will I access the school information system?

You can login with your official credential and access the school information system.

Single Mobile App for Parents, Staff & Students

MarkersPro offers its customers a comprehensive single mobile app for parents, students & staff. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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