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Stay on track with customized reports that get you the data you need, when you need it

State Reporting

State reporting helps schools and districts to collect data and provide required reports to state authorities. The reporting tools also assist the school in the decision-making process.

The advanced reporting tool takes data from a variety of resources and summarizes it in the chart, tables, visual presentations, or other representational styles.

MarkersPro state reporting feature helps education institutes to abide by the state department of education reporting rules and regulation.

For staff and administration, MarkersPro provides real-time school data to generate reports for district and state authorities worldwide. The reports can be saved into multiple formats and can deliver large amounts of useful information promptly.

Top Features of State Reporting

State reporting tools are beneficial as they collect and organize data from different departments of the institution and sources for users to interpret and understand the status of their schools.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Adhoc reporting is a business tool that helps the user to assemble reports and circulate them to users.

This technology enables even non-technical users to create data reports in very simple steps, without having to connect to the IT team.

The ad-hoc reports are simple informational documents represented in a table or an interactive tabular format incorporated with visualization features of reports to serve unique tasks and purposes.

Top Features of Ad-hoc Reporting

Single Mobile App for Parents, Staff & Students

MarkersPro offers its customers a comprehensive single mobile app for parents, students & staff. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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