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Create and maintain in-depth student records, while making security a priority. Students can get real-time updates from the school and access their own information from the student login.

Student Custom Fields

Custom fields allow schools to create custom fields for students and staff. Custom Fields can be created under any of the existing student sections with the ability to group fields.


Health Screening

The health screening module stores the student’s vision, hearing, spinal and dental health screening details. Access to view and edit all the previous screening history of the students recorded in the system.


Medical Emergency

The medical emergency is to track the student’s medical emergency details that occurred in the school. The Admin users can select a student & add the medical emergency details from this option.


Health Visit

Health visit allows the school to track student health visits with details for reason of visit and action taken. This feature also assists the nurse/doctor to dispense on-demand and scheduled medication to the student. 


Re-enroll Student

The module helps school to activate the inactive students who has exit the school but wants to enroll again.