Our Learning Management Software is a cloud-based learning management system that provides online learning programs for K-12 & higher education.

Online Quiz Assignments

Teachers can define online questions for assignments that students can answer online. Different types of questions formats can be used to evaluate the student’s knowledge. Assignments can be timed with the option to reattempt the assignment. Questions can be automatically or manually graded by the teacher.

Upload Study Material

Assignments may require study materials for better understanding of a subject. MarkersPro allows the teachers and administrators of the school to upload Study Material for each course and course section online and allows students to download the study materials. With all resources and study material saved in one space and the ability to access these materials from anywhere, learning opportunities are enhanced for students.

Online Integration

With the evolution of technology, it is time to say goodbye to traditional teaching and classrooms. Teachers can now design live lessons or videos through Google Classroom, Canvas, and Moodle. MarkersPro integrates to send student, teacher, course, and class information to the LMS and receives assignments and grades from the LMS.