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MarkersPro Student Admissions & Lottery

Experience A Comprehensive Application and Enrollment Process

MarkersPro Student Admissions is an online application and enrollment process intended to accomplish the recruitment process systematically and seamlessly.

MarkersPro Student Admissions is convenient and easy to use which helps K-12 schools streamline and promote their enrollment process. The entire application exercise, from parents completing the application to approval by the school’s administration is intended to be efficient and effective while building a cohesive school community.

Seamless Applicant Processing (Existing, New Student or Siblings)

Our Student Application and Enrollment module accelerates the application process without duplication of data entry. MarkersPro Student Admissions gives you the most progressive solution for meeting each school’s enrollment goals.

Data, analytics, and innovation are provided to support and accomplish a seamless experience for parents and administrators.

Customized Dynamic Application Form

Dynamic Forms provides for school specific data, permissions, additional information to be included and to bring hard copy forms online. The system allows for tailored conditional questions that prompts additional options for more detailed information.

Generate API Integration into MarkersPro SIS

MarkersPro Student Admissions integrates quickly and effortlessly with MarkersPro SIS. Once an application has been accepted by the administration, one or many students can be uploaded into the SIS. This is a time saver and diminishes data entry issues.


With the Lottery Admission system schools can carry out lottery-based admission process of students and ensure a fair school seats allotment for grade level or course. Admin can view the student who has been selected, is in waiting list, and have been rejected. options for more detailed information.

Single Mobile App for Parents, Staff & Students

MarkersPro offers its customers a comprehensive single mobile app for parents, students & staff. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.