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Automatically schedule students into courses. Manage and approve student requests and enable opt-in access to additional courses. Easily reassign course sections between teachers.

Individual Schedule

The user can enter course requests or schedule an individual student to one or more course sections. User can also drop a student from the selected course section in this module.  


Mass Schedule

Mass schedule a group of students sharing the same course sections.


Report Grade Listing

You can generate students’ grade report for various academic needs in this section. You can view student’s grade and other academic data by using the filters like school, session, grade level, marking period, grade type, and date range.


Student Scheduler

Automatically allocate course sections for selected course requests or re-allocate previously allocated course sections in this module. The scheduler’s algorithm works to find complete schedules for the students. Student and course analytics are provided to help the school make adjustments for students that do not have complete schedules.  


Mass Drop

User mass can drop a group of students from a specific course section. Advanced filter search option to search for a list of students .