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Unlocking Student Potential Through MarkersPro Student Information System

Mar 24. 2023
Unlocking Student Potential Through MarkersPro Student Information System
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As a school administrator, you may be looking for an efficient way to manage critical student information. MarkersPro student information system can be the perfect solution to your needs, providing an easy way to manage student data without any hassle. 


MarkersPro student information system is a cloud-hosted student information system (SIS) that offers an innovative approach to managing student data. This cutting-edge platform is designed to maximize the potential of the student portal, providing an easy-to-use interface for users. 


It also provides a comprehensive solution for school administrators to upload student documents and verify them, ensuring a smooth-running process for the school quickly and easily 


Let us explore the robust features of the MarkersPro student information system


Student Custom Field 

School administrators can use student custom fields to collect more specific student information. The system allows administrators to create custom fields for different categories, such as general info, identifiers, student contact, miscellaneous status, health, and cohort info. Administrators can also create groups and modify the publication status of the custom fields. This helps them to gain a better understanding of their students and provides them with the best possible education. 



As health is wealth, the MarkersPro student information system prioritizes students’ health without any failure. The system focuses on health screening for vision, hearing, spinal, and dental. Schools can add the screening result as passed or failed and screening tests as well. 


The system enables schools to easily add health incidents. School administrators can enter the grade level, and session, select the student, date, time, and status of the health screening, and more. Additionally, school administrators can send students to school health visits, where they can be prescribed medication, dose, route of the medicine, and instructions. 


Mass Assign 

The mass assigns feature helps school administrators to assign any information to multiple students in bulk. The system allows school admin to select students and assign different info such as general info, miscellaneous status, birth info, health screening, and immunization info in mass. They can enter details under any of the assigned categories. Thus, the MarkersPro student information system ensures the mass assignment of information and saves more time for the administrators. 


End-of-Year Status 

MarkersPro student information system helps school administrators streamline the end-of-year status setup process for selected students. Administrators can select students and set their planned next school, session, and grade level, and then promote them accordingly. This allows administrators to quickly decide whether a student should be promoted to the next year or retained. 



The Promotion feature allows school administrators to view the promotion status and details of students. Once the students' promotion status has been updated, the school admin can select the student and view their promotion details, such as the grade level assessed, the next grade, promotion status, promotion reason, date, and comments. 


Re-enroll Student 

MarkersPro student information system simplifies the hectic student re-enrollment process. Schools can use the system to quickly and easily re-enroll students who have left the school. The school administrator can select the students and enter the necessary information, such as school session, grade level, enrollment start date, and enrollment entry type, and the selected students will be re-enrolled in the school. 

To conclude, the MarkersPro student information system is the perfect solution for schools looking to streamline their student management process. This platform simplifies the time-consuming task of managing student information, allowing schools to run more efficiently and effectively. 

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