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Secure Student Information with MarkersPro Student Information System

Jan 13. 2023
Secure Student Information with MarkersPro Student Information System
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In a world of cybercrime, several schools face challenges while securing student data. In fact, the exposure of student personal data to unknown sources can raise severe issues for both the school and students. Leakage of vital student data can disrupt the proper school functionality, and that is where the MarkersPro student information system excels. 

MarkersPro Student Information System (SIS) is an advanced technology that is an excellent solution for a future-ready platform. It accelerates and supports the growth of K-12 schools. With this system, student data remains secure, and it ensures a risk-free data storage process. 

MarkersPro Student Information System

The prime advantage of the MarkersPro student information system is that it's hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. This assists the system to ensure the privacy of data, reliability, and state-of-art technology that provides an innovative method for school management. 

Data Storage

MarkersPro student information system allows the school to store their important student data safely. Additionally, the system is entirely devoted to working closely with the district and prioritizing their goals, and ensuring that the school meets with a positive outcome. The district module works as the base for both the school and the student data to build. 

Enhanced Security 

Our MarkersPro student information system works endlessly to serve you with enhanced data security. MarkersPro secures crucial student data by allowing only authorized access to them. With the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality, the system permits limited access to data based on the school's roles. And thus, maintains tight security. 

Avoid Data Sharing with Other Sources

We understand the vital data privacy's importance, and our MarkersPro student information system is designed to experience the same. The system does not allow to share of private student data with any other sources and thus prevents data leakage. 

Customized Functionalities

Several modules of the MarkersPro student information system are customizable and specially designed to meet the unique requirements of the schools.  MarkersPro Dashboard, 360 View, RBAC, Student, and Staff Custom Fields ensure more security and privacy of crucial school data. 

Your school data privacy is the priority of our MarkersPro student information system. This system works endlessly to provide you with the utmost data security and privacy.  

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