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Manage Your Schoolwork with MarkersPro Student Information System

Feb 17. 2023
Manage Your Schoolwork with MarkersPro Student Information System
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Running a school successfully and overcoming all the challenges is no easy task. Oftentimes, schools face issues with managing school data. To ensure that schools reach their goals, they need an advanced tool like markerspro to help them manage their operations more effectively. 

Markerspro student information system (SIS) is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (saas) system that provides K12 schools with an advanced tool to help them manage their operations and reach their academic goals. Its learning-focused and progressive modules are designed to maximize efficiency. 

Let’s see how the MarkersPro student information system can help in managing schoolwork. 

πŸ‘ Advanced-Data Collection and Security 

The MarkersPro student information system simplifies the process of collecting and storing data. It automates the management of student data, making it easier for schools to manage and eliminating the need for manual processes. This saves time and effort for schools, streamlining their workflow. 

Markerspro keeps critical student data private. With the role-based access control (RBAC) functionality, the system assists schools to give access to authorized persons only. Thus, the system prevents unauthorized access and provides security. 

πŸ‘ Advance Course Module 

MarkersPro student information system assists schools to create an advanced and effective teaching-learning-oriented syllabus and courses. Adding, editing, and deleting subjects, courses, and course sections are flexible with the system. Moreover, schools can set prerequisites for any course and upload study material. Schools also can set occurrences and assign teachers easily. 

πŸ‘ Smooth Scheduling and Attendance 

MarkersPro student information system makes it easy to schedule students for courses. Schools can assign students to classes individually or in bulk using the individual student schedule and mass student schedule features. The request approval functionality allows school management and students to request a schedule, which can then be approved or rejected. Schools can also generate custom student schedules if needed.  

Taking attendance is now a much faster and more efficient process with MarkersPro, as the system supports exams, daily, events, and section-wise, missing, mass, and period-wise attendance procedures. Schools can quickly filter out the fields and generate attendance-related reports in a matter of seconds.β€― 

πŸ‘ Flexible Assessment Functionality 

MarkersPro makes complicated assessment tasks easier for teachers, as they can easily assign tasks to students and assess them upon submission. Furthermore, schools can easily calculate the GPA and rank of students, publish and download report cards, progress report cards, and transcripts.β€― 

πŸ‘ Digital Payment 

The system facilitates digital payment methods, reducing the burden of payment tasks. Schools can easily create billing heads, fee structures, and due dates, while parents can pay for their children without any difficulty. This digital payment process replaces the traditional fee collection process of schools, reducing risks. Both parents and school administrators can easily view payment history and track payment status.


πŸ‘ Stay Connected 

MarkersPro student information system offers schools smooth and effective communication functionality. School admin, staff, parents and students can easily connect with each other and resolve their issues with a click. Email, message, and SMS text messages all are entirely dedicated functionalities to keep the entire community connected and maintain a balance between them. 

To sum it up, the MarkersPro student information system is a robust system that not only alleviates the huge workload but also assists schools in school management and supports them in reaching their goals.  

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