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Build A Strong School Community with MarkersPro Student Information System

Jan 20. 2023
Build A Strong School Community with MarkersPro Student Information System
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Managing a school that runs smoothly is a dream come true for every school management. And dedication, perfect advanced tools, and a strong community do play a prime role in making that dream into reality. Further, a strong school community is synonymous with balanced school management. 

Post-Covid scenario, several ed-tech companies bringing advanced tools to manage schools easily. And that is where the MarkersPro student information system enters the scene. 

MarkersPro Student Information System (SIS) is a comprehensive solution for every K 12 school. This advanced system supports an advanced tool to bring the school the best possible result in a future-ready platform. Further, the entire system works dedicatedly towards the betterment of both the school and students so that they can meet their academic and career goals. 

Let’s see how the MarkersPro student information system can help to build a strong school community. 


πŸ”’ Secure Data Collection Procedure 

The first and foremost thing a school needs to fulfill is to collect and keep their school data with security. MarkersPro student information system ensures that the school can collect and store them without any inconvenience. Further, the system understands how valuable school data is thus, it protects the sensitive school data. Additionally, through the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) of MarkersPro, school management can allow access to selected authorities for vital data. This ultimately helps in securing important data easily. 


πŸ‘ Effective Functionalities 

MarkersPro student information system is specially combined with several important functionalities which are effective to run the school smoothly. All the modules are designed with the utmost care while keeping in mind to promote the growth of the school. Further, the system will help schools to have more clarity and maintain academic progress.  

The Course management system aids schools to create learning-objective effective subjects, courses, and course sections, and schools can edit or delete them. Further, schools can add occurrences and assign or re-assign teachers from there. 

Scheduling courses and course section is convenient, and schools can schedule individual or mass students through the course schedule management module. In addition, school admin can assign students on their behalf of them, or they can do it by themselves, and admin will have to approve/decline that. If needed, the admin can drop bulk students using Mass Student Drop. Further, school admin can generate reports of different functionalities of scheduling.β€―β€― 

Taking daily, missing, mass, periods, exams, and event attendance is easier with the attendance management module. The system assists teachers to take attendance of the students, or the admin can take it on behalf of the teacher. Moreover, Schools can generate attendance-related reports and view student and staff attendance also. 

 In addition, schools can create a billing head, and payable date, fee structure, and parents can easily pay the amount without any hassle. School admin can keep a track of the due, and failed payment records as well. 


πŸ‘ Seamless Communication 

Better communication is the key route to building a strong community and the MarkersPro student information system perfectly fits that. The system allows school admin, staff, students, and parents to communicate with each other which supports a healthy connection between them. Email, SMS text, and message functionalities work endlessly to maintain connectivity, and clarity, and build a strong community altogether. 


πŸ‘ Customized Modules 

Another striking trait of the MarkersPro student information system is it offers school management with customized modules. Student View 360, Dashboard, Staff, and Student Custom Fields functionalities help schools to add important data in a more convenient way. And the purpose of all these functionalities is to meet the unique need of the school which they successfully do. 


In a nutshell, the MarkersPro student information system is an advanced solution for school management that intends to build a more healthy and strong community while helping schools to achieve their dream.  

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