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Benefits of MarkersPro Online K-12 Admission

May 20. 2022
Benefits of MarkersPro Online K-12 Admission
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The admission window for a school is small, therefore, the school administrator starts preparing for the admission process very early.  

However, even if the school starts the admission process early, the last-minute revision and correction create chaos for the entire admission team and the parents. That is why schools are now switching to online admission as it digitizes forms and collection of all the required data in an organized and protected database. 

For a successful admission year, the admission process should be quick, neat, and simple. 

Here are six features of how MarkersPro online admission enhances the admission process. 

  • User-friendly Applicant Dashboard - The Applicant Dashboard allows applicants to fill and submit the admission application online after the authentication and verification of the account. 
  • Online Fee Payment - Students and Parents can pay fees online through various modes without any error. Notification is sent to parents for due payment. 
  • Customized Dynamic Application Form - Our Customizable online application streamlines relevant data gathering. Schools can modify the questions according to your school's provision and the role requirement.  
  • Lottery Based Admission - The Lottery Admission is used to carry out admission based on lottery and guarantee a fair seat allotment. 
  • Setup Message - Set the default application status messages in the application processing form to inform applicants of their status throughout the application progress. 
  • Gateway Integration - The Gateway Integration module allows schools to configure and integrate the payment gateway for all the transactions in the billing section.   
  • Create Form - Form Creation is used to create a new application form for the school. 

MarkersPro online admission eliminates the paper forms and benefits schools with precise and secured student data. By shifting to online admission systems, schools can dedicate more resources to student academic requirements rather than spending months and months manually entering data, filing papers, and tracking students’ application forms.

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