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Accelerate Admission Process with MarkersPro Student Admissions Management

Feb 03. 2023
Accelerate Admission Process with MarkersPro Student Admissions Management
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Enrolling children in any school without any hassle is very important and relieving for parents. To be honest, the whole enrolling process is tedious, troublesome, and certainly takes a lot of time. Further, several schools lack a sincere and well-organized admission procedure which can create issues for parents. That is where MarkersPro excels, and you can consider enrolling your child through the MarkersPro Student Admission system. 

MarkersPro Student Admission Management (MSA) is an online student enrollment management system that intends to minimize the paperwork, and collect and store all the required student data in a digitalized way. This system also facilitates the exhausting student admission process and does the enrollment work efficiently on behalf of the school community. In addition to that, it smoothens the entire tiring and time-consuming student admission procedure without any error.  

Let’s check how MarkersPro Student Admission Management (MSA) can assist parents with the effective admission procedure.  

Easy Student Enrollment Procedure 

The prime feature of the MarkersPro Student Admission process is to offer a smooth, fast, and effective online enrollment procedure for students. All a parent/student needs to do is register and then fill in the form. This is convenient as the fields are simple and hassle-free to fill up. Additionally, the system does not duplicate any student data and keeps data secure. 


Keep The Application Status Tracked 

Another key feature of the MarkersPro Student Admission procedure is it supports tracking the entire admissions process. Both parents, students, and school management can keep track of the application form. Thus, the system helps parents and students in completing the mandatory or needed fields. Further, if any chance the parent/student misses any required fields, the system goes through it properly and gives an alert to them so that they can complete the form in its entirety. 


Lottery Procedure 

MarkersPro Student Admissions makes collecting lottery applications, conducting a lottery, and managing a waiting list easy. The process begins with the creation of the online lottery application, and lottery setup. The lottery setup process allows schools to set the number of openings available for each grade level. Once the lottery is conducted, schools may trigger acceptance or waiting list email notifications to the lottery applicants. The system also generates a waiting list for easy applicant processing. 



Personalized Dynamic Forms 

The personalized or customized dynamic form works like magic for school management. A dynamic form is used to get any additional or specific data about the student. The school can enjoy having a tailored dynamic form based on their requirement. Using a customized dynamic form assists schools to be more precise with student information. 


Export Data to MarkersPro SIS

 MarkersPro Student Admission (MSA) system is integrated with the primary MarkersPro Student Information System from where the main school management runs. This amalgamation with MarkersPro SIS supports the student admission system to export all the vital student data to the primary system without any error. 


Error-free Experience 

With the MarkersPro Student Admission system parents, students, and school management can have an error-free experience. The system helps parents and students to avoid incomplete forms. As the whole process occurs digitally, there are no chances to miss submitting any document. Additionally, in case parents or students miss anything, the system immediately communicates with them to resolve the issue. 


In a nutshell, MarkersPro Student Admission (MSA) works to provide a smooth and effortless student admission procedure. The whole school community can enjoy the hassle-free admission procedure with the MarkersPro student admission system.   

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