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Prepare For Next School Year with MarkersPro Student Admissions

Dec 16. 2022
Prepare For Next School Year with MarkersPro Student Admissions
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A lot of work is involved in the admission process for students. Student admission was handled manually in the past, but now with MarkersPro, it has become the most convenient way to record and access student data.    


MarkersPro Student Admission (MSA) streamlines the traditional application process, making it more efficient for students to enroll online. This hassle-free procedure reduces the school administration's overwhelming workload and simplifies K-12 admissions.   


How MarkersPro Can Ease the Student Admission Process 


Smooth Online Enrollment Process  

MarkersPro Student Admission ensures an easy and convenient online admission. Parents/students requires to register first and fill up the form while paying the fees effortlessly. Additionally, the system refrains from duplicating the data while new, existing, and sibling students enroll.   


Track The Application Status  

In the MarkersPro student admission process, the system allows parents, students, and school management to track their application form status seamlessly. As MarkersPro checks the application form and documents thoroughly, students/parents cannot miss out on any mandatory field or pending payment. The system notifies them and they can track the application status and complete the process without any hassle. 


Customized Dynamic Forms  

Customized dynamic form is another striking facility of the MarkersPro student admission process. The system assists schools to customize dynamic forms following their needs. Dynamic forms are specially designed to include additional and more specific information with the application form. MarkersPro admission system allows schools to customize the form to meet their requirement.  


Lottery-Based Admission Procedure  

MarkersPro student admission system supports a lottery-based enrollment process. The system selects students arbitrarily and promotes a fair chance for seat allotment.   


Export To SIS  

Exporting student data to MarkersPro SIS is another salient feature in MarkersPro admission system. MarkersPro student admission process integrates with the primary SIS system easily and after any completion of the student admission procedure, student data can be exported to SIS effortlessly.   


Avoid Errors  

With MarkersPro online admission process, parents/students can avoid incomplete forms or any errors while filling out the form. Additionally, as parents/students require to submit documents online, there are fewer chances to submit incomplete paperwork and as the system scans thoroughly, it communicates with the parent/student. 


To sum up, the MarkersPro student admission process is an excellent solution for the admission procedure of K-12 students. It decreases the workload and saves more time for the school management and parents or students by promoting the easy enrollment process.

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