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How MarkersPro School Admission Enrollment Helps School Community

Dec 24. 2021
How MarkersPro School Admission Enrollment Helps School Community
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The school enrollment process can be exhausting and time-consuming for most schools. Inadequate enrollment planning can result in the loss of many students who are looking for specific needs.  

Schools' having enrollment systems have numerous benefits. They can organize and manage the entire enrollment process effortlessly and save time. 

With many schools giving extra effort to provide the best enrollment services to parents and students, MarkersPro has provided the best solution. 

Top 6 benefits of MarkersPro school admission enrollment  

πŸ‘ Seamless communication- Send messages and email alerts if any enrollment process, certificates are pending. Send reminders if the student is shortlisted for interviews or tests. 

πŸ‘ Online admission forms β€“ Parents can register and apply to school by logging into the student portal and uploading documents. The online enrollment system navigates students/parents for registration, uploading documents, fees, etc, without visiting the school. 

πŸ‘ Track your application - With the MarkersPro enrollment system, school management, students, and parents can easily track application status and history. 

πŸ‘ Fewer Errors- Entering information online decreases the chances of error, ensuring a quick application process. 

πŸ‘ Avoid incomplete paperwork β€“ The paperwork demands parents to attach multiple documents in a single form, and, regardless of their best ability, forms are often left incomplete. However, while filling the form online, the system will track the application and ensure parents have filled all the mandatory fields and do not leave a chance to ruin the possibility of enrolling their child at the school of their choice. 

πŸ‘ Quick monitoring by staff - Multiple staff can log in to the system and check the application status and contact parents when necessary. This will accelerate the application process. 

MarkersPro Student Admissions is convenient and easy to use which helps K-12 schools streamline and promote their enrollment process. The entire application exercise, from parents, completing the application to approval by the school’s administration is intended to be efficient and effective while building a cohesive school community. 

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