Create and maintain in-depth student records, whilemaking security a priority. Students can get real-time updates from the school and access their own nformation from the student login.

MarkersPro’s Student module provides multiple ways to interact with student data. Track, update, and plan for student success. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to keep pictures, health information and custom data current. MarkersPro also makes managing student enrollment quick and easy. Please schedule a demo to find out more today!


  • View comprehensive student demographics.
  • Track cohort and other special program data, such as disability, food service, and gifted programs.
  • Associate new or existing contacts with the student including relatives and emergency contacts.
  • Enroll, exit, and re-enroll with ease.
  • Upload and track documents for verification
  • Enter student health, medication, and immunization information along with associated documents.
  • Enter or update vision hearing, and dental screening information individually or all at once.
  • Upload pictures of each student, which are accessible throughout the system.
  • Create custom fields to track additional student data.


Track grades, schedules, facilities and more with ease. Create custom fields to capture the data that matters to you.

MarkersPro’s School module was designed from the ground up to give you control of your school year. From custom term lengths to a dynamic calendar that keeps you up to date on daily activities. Our rollover process is so convenient, you won’t dread year-end processes any more.


  • Define single or multiple year sessions.
  • Easily rollover student enrollment data at the end of the year.
  • Create terms by year, semester, quarter, or even mini terms.
  • Create custom fields to track additional school data.
  • View the dynamic calendar that has scheduled course sections, holidays, and special events.


Consolidate all your employee’s information, roles, documents, and qualifications into one easy to manage system. Create custom fields to associate information you need with individual staff members.

Time management, security, qualifications, leave requests… managing a staff can be difficult. With MarkersPro’s Staff module, we make it easy. Manage everything from login information to emergency contacts to certifications, all in one interconnected, intuitive interface.


  • Record and track teacher attendance.
  • Track and update emergency contacts.
  • Upload pictures of each staff member, which are accessible throughout the system.
  • Assign roles, credentials, and permissions for each user.
  • Record and track education, credentials, and certifications.
  • Create custom fields to track additional staff data.
  • View demographic information for the entire staff.
  • Request and approve leave.


The parent portal provides parents and guardians access to their student’s schedule, report card, discipline information and attendance. Parents can also receive notification announcements from the school.

Keeping parents in the loop is essential to student success. With MarkersPro’s Parent module, we make it easy to contact and provide crucial information to parents. Our conveniently designed Parent Dashboard allows parents to get all the information they need at a glance.


  • See all your students with a single login.
  • Receive messages and emails from campus staff.
  • Instantly view attendance, assessment, schedule, discipline, and medical information.
  • Stay up to date with announcements and a detailed calendar.


Create subjects, courses, and sections. Link courses together and establish automated prerequisites. Easily associate teachers with each section.

We want to make your courses work for you! There are no prerequisites for working with MarkersPro’s Course module, because we make it easy to view and understand your course data. Go from a course overview to assigning a teacher, to viewing the students for a course with no barriers.


  • Track all course data, including credits, GPA impact, and prerequisites.
  • Easily review students in a course.
  • Define sections with a variety of day/period combinations.
  • Quickly assign a teacher, or multiple teachers and designate a primary.


Automatically schedule students into courses by grade level. Manage student requests and enable opt-in access to additional courses. Easily reassign course sections between teachers.

Put students on a path to success! With MarkersPro’s Schedule module, you can get students into the courses they need with a workflow that works for you.


  • Enter course requests as a student and have administrative personnel review and approve.
  • Reassign teachers with ease.
  • Intuitively select courses and sections for individual students.
  • Mass schedule students and then view results by student or section.


Take and view attendance for students, teachers, and events by selecting straightforward, predefined statuses.

MarkersPro’s Attendance module rolls all your students’ statuses into one convenient location. We make it easy for admins and teachers to enter attendance data. We also provide an overview to admins so they can quickly see which teachers haven’t yet submitted attendance.


  • Quickly track attendance by course, period, and day.
  • Require timely attendance posts or let teachers enter time asynchronously.
  • Review which teachers have not taken attendance.
  • Allow administrative staff to enter or modify student attendance.
  • Review customized attendance history views as an admin or a teacher.


Enter grades, define custom grade scales, and establish student requirements. Automatically calculate grades, GPAs, and student credits with ease.

MarkersPro’s Grading module succeeds where others fail, providing you with customized report cards and grading scales. Measure your students’ success in a way that works for you!


  • Create report cards with any combination of elements, including attendance, grade format, comments, signature lines, and discipline.
  • Calculate grades and GPAs based on weights.
  • Define custom grading scales.


Generate Ad hoc reports with an interactive, drag and drop interface. Quickly and easily sort, reorder, and group reports. Export your reports to standard file types with attractive layouts.

Stay on track with customized reports that get you the data you need, when you need it. MarkersPro’s Reporting module makes it easy to download and share your reports, so you can get your data to the right place.


  • Create reports on the fly by selecting the fields you want to include.
  • Filter, group, and order data .
  • Download reports for easy sharing.


Report discipline referrals. Keep track of incidents and all the involved parties.

Staying current with your students’ discipline and referral information is an essential part of getting them back on the path to success. Track discipline data school-wide to stay ahead of emerging trends or track individuals progress to see if your methods are working.


  • Get system notifications regarding discipline updates.
  • Include all roles for involved parties in an incident and associate them with individuals in the system.
  • Enter discipline referrals as staff, students, or parents.
  • Track discipline data by behavior, type and length of discipline, injuries, costs, weapons, and law enforcement involvement.
  • Process or cancel referrals as an administrator.


Connect with guardians, parents, and students on one convenient platform.

Staying connected with parents and guardians is now more important than ever. MarkersPro’s Communication module allows you to get your information to those who need it most. Need to message a large group simultaneously? It is no problem when you can select recipients by role. Don’t want to come in early to send that announcement? MarkersPro even lets you schedule messages in advance.


  • Send system announcements to individuals or everyone with a specific role (including students and parents).
  • View the notification queue or jump straight to the details.
  • Designate message importance, publish date, and expiration date for any communication.
  • Send messages or emails to individuals or everyone with a specific role (including students and parents).


Quickly get the information you need with MarkersPro’s Dashboard. Set preconfigured components to show real-time data that matters to you.


  • Customize your view to see important information at a glance, whether you are an admin, staff, parent, or student.
  • View a variety of preconfigured components including attendance trends, missing attendance notices, calendars, announcements, grading trends, discipline activity and more.

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